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Maxim Media Group, Inc is a full service online media solution’s company within the Direct Marketing Industry established since 2004, acquired by Take 5 Media Group August of 2012.

Maxim Media hosts millions of Top- shopper Data elements. We know which consumers haves shopped at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, and more, how often they have shopped at specific stores and theirs spending habits. We also offer brand-specific data. Maxim Media has identified and overlayed theTop-Shopper Data with up to150 different behavioral and psychographic attributes on all of the consumers in our mobile and email database, including age, income, music interests, active nightlife, travel, and more. Knowing these attributes allows us to market to those consumers that specifically meet your client's target market.

Direct Mail

Top-Shopper Marketing:
Top-Shopper Marketing focuses on the customer at the point of purchase. It tries to make last minute appeals to customers at the moment when they are actually prepared to buy something. Unlike print, radio, or TV ads which can linger in the minds of customers for months, shopper marketing via targeted email campaigns tries to make an immediate impact and directly influence behavior.

Maxim Media Group has created a unique Top Shopper Marketing email database built and developed with self-reported surveys allowing our advertisers to effectively market their CPG products to a highly-responsive audience turning consumers into shoppers and shoppers into purchasing buyers!

CPG Marketing:
Marketers for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands are using diverse strategies to win over customers. Online click-and print-coupons, social ads, and retargeting ad display with cookies outreach are among the techniques that are being employed in CPG marketing. Take advantage of one of our many digital media solutions today and target our Top-Shopper Marketing Data consumers!

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