targeted postal list rental

Direct Mail

Direct Mail campaigns are very successful. Combining with email and ad display, it tackles audiences in every way possible.

With over 45,000 mailing lists available, finding the right list is imperative to an effective campaign. To be successful with any direct marketing campaign it is important to first recognize who your customers are in order to target them effectively with a specified mailing list. Maxim Media can help you achieve the results you expect from a direct mail campaign and avoid the pitfalls that are inherent to any advertising campaign.

After evaluating your current marketing strategies, Maxim Media will subsequently determine the probable effectiveness of different mailing lists. Comparing various databases, including databases not available to the public, Maxim Media will match your campaign criteria with specific list content.

When selecting lists, we will take into account the size of the list, cost, list selections and update frequency. Once the campaign is delivered, we will analyze the list effectiveness used in previous campaigns.