Persistent ID


Target audiences based on their social media activity, app downloads, previous purchases and more.

A Persistent ID is an anonymous identifier that combines a consumer’s preferred device number (cell phone, tablet, phablet, desktop, laptop) with their future web browsing actions on that device. The device number, also called Product ID is obtained when a consumer downloads an app. At that time, the sniffer software installed in the app download sequence identifies the consumer’s device kind, IP address, type and model. The app downloader also obtains a permission from the consumer to be targeted with display and other forms of digital advertising.

Once the product ID and opt-in are obtained, each consumer is then tracked as they surf the web and social media pages. Their browsing habits are then aggregated into a consumer behavioral profile and preference pattern. This information is stored almost indefinitely (as long as the consumer keeps the device) and used down the road to target those consumers with ad display (as long as they do not block them with Ad Choices).

Beyond the immediate application for ad display, persistent IDs are also used to build look- alike behavioral models for larger swaths of the population. This allows digital marketers to expand their reach and target similarly minded consumers with ad display, fine- tuned to rooftop geography. (zip+4).