Mobile Marketing

Retargeting allows web marketers to reach the 98% of users who don’t complete a transaction on the first visit

Maxim Media now offers a retargeting program that allows its clients to retarget responders of previous campaigns. Maxim Media offers the ability to retarget past openers and/or clickers of email campaigns or past ad display campaigns.

What is retargeting? Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses simple JavaScript code to anonymously “follow” a target audience and serve them banner display ads as they surf the web. Retargeting is a tool that allows marketers the opportunity to reach the 98% of users who don’t convert or respond to past marketing efforts.

Email retargeting, in the context of new acquisition advertising, is the process of sending pixel-targeted emails to opt-in subscribers based on their demographic, geographic and lifestyle attributes. Maxim Media has actually been placing cookies on all of our email campaigns for quite some time. We now have the ability to retarget any opener or clicker from any email campaign that has been executed through us during the last six months. Our current cookie pool of data currently exceeds 100 Million records. In addition, Maxim Media also has the ability to “expand” the remarketing display campaign to reach cookied users that have responded to similar offers and live in the same geographic area as the targeted group of original openers and clickers from a previous campaign. Using this strategy, an additional 200% to 500% can be targeted.

Any company currently running or is planning on running email campaigns with Maxim Media Media Group will find that retargeting is the perfect complimentary channel to email. Supplementing email campaigns with display advertising keeps a brand top-of-mind with target-market consumers and allows the marketer several options to obtain further action.

Retargeting will also lengthen the shelf life of traffic flow from an email campaign...
as Maxim Media highly recommends running subsequent email retargeting campaigns in either 7- or 14-day periods.

As with regular ad display, retargeting programs are run on the same three tiers of display networks as outlined on the previous slide.